Aurélie Lamy XV de France
Cerebral Strategist

Cerebral Strategist for the team

The Team: an individual like no other

A group can be understood cerebrally as a single organic entity.

Depending on the addition of individuals and their own cerebral predominance, each group will take on a color and a form of character. Have you ever noticed that you only need to change three students for the behavior of an entire class to change? The group becomes more studious or, on the contrary, unrestrained and indifferent.

This raises the question for any coach, selector, or manager: how can I optimize my group strategy and operation by taking a structured and intelligent approach to compositions?

 Over the past two years, I've been able to apply Aurélie's method, based on decoding the three brains, and I've seen the positive impact this approach has had on the French team's performance.

His insights enabled me to incorporate emotional management into Les Bleus' training program, as well as brain regulation tools during matches.

These are important levers that have contributed to our victories. 

Fabien Galthié
Coach of the French national rugby team

 I heard about Aurélie Lamy's work with the French national team. So we invited her to talk to us about her approach and give us her vision of our team at that moment.

Aurélie spent three days with us, and her expertise was unanimously recognized.

Her vision and method gave us an interesting snapshot of our team.

I would recommend her approach both individually and collectively.  

Nicolas JOVERT
Set piece coach - ARSENAL

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Once you’ve deciphered the individual levels, you can then test these balances during training and other work sessions to get the team members to stimulate each other and self-regulate their brains.

By understanding the subtleties of the three brains, your group will be able to act and react on the pitch, with an immediate impact on performance. Aurélie will give you the keys to reading a group’s cerebral predominance at a given moment so that you can make the right decisions and use the right discourse in the situations you encounter.

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The process
with the teams

Identify the team's profile

Identify the cerebral predominance of each individual and analyze the general cerebral behavior of the team.

Creation of a program for the season

Determine the issues, the highlights, and the needs of the team and the coaches and create a tailor-made program.


Implementing tools to regulate the team during matches and deciphering post-match cerebral weaknesses in the team or part of the team in order to work on them more effectively and strengthen them.

Optimizing coaching

Support for coaches and decoding of players to improve collaboration and transmission between the team and staff. Advice on optimizing the various memories to increase the effectiveness of training sessions.