The method

The method devised by Aurélie

Our cerebral predominance

The cerebral optimization method created by Aurélie Lamy is based on our cerebral aptitudes.

We all have three types of cerebral ability (perception/sensation, emotions, and mind/thoughts). Each ability gives us strengths and limitations. But we don’t all use our brains in the same way. We all have a type of ability that we use more: this is our cerebral predominance. There is also always an ability that we use very little.

The method created by Aurélie consists of regulating cerebral predominance to limit its negative impact and developing weak cerebral aptitudes to access previously unused assets.

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Unlocking and increasing potential

This working method consists of identifying the predominant brain (“strong brain”) of a sportsperson or team, the skills used second (“medium brain”), and those used less (“weak brain”).

The next step is to put in place a program to regulate the strong “brain” and develop the weak “brain” so as to benefit from the advantages of all 3 “brains” (sensations – emotions – thoughts). This enables the athlete or team to adapt to all types of situations by mobilizing the most relevant cerebral aptitude without ever being overwhelmed by one of them.

Finally, we focus on optimizing the whole process by using neuronal plasticity, different memories, the benefits of visualization, and many other treasures that your brain holds when it is used properly.


No, not at all! Aurélie is renowned for her simple, pragmatic, and extremely practical approach. Her philosophy is to create training sessions around the everyday life of the athlete or team. The brain likes neither effort nor change, both of which consume too much energy. The aim is, therefore, to fit effectively into what already exists (routine, rhythm, habits) and simply to learn to live it differently by favoring one ‘brain’ over another.

The method
in 4 key stages

This method develops autonomy. The aim is for nothing to depend on the “Cerebral Trainer,” who is not at the center of anything and should only be passing through.


Identification of the person's brain profile

Each asset has a different cerebral profile. Determine the cerebral predominance of an athlete and analyze their cerebral functioning during competitions and training sessions to determine their strengths and limitations.


Deciphering the brain and creating a personalized program

Passing on to the individual the basics of their brain function and creating an evolving program that will enable them to achieve their sporting objectives at the right time.


Regulation & optimisation

Regulate brain function to optimize it and achieve a balance that strengthens and sustains performance.


Augmentation & development

Enhance specific cerebral aptitudes linked to specific issues for the athlete. And, of course, continuing to develop brain skills in general.