Cerebral Trainer

Cerebral Trainer for athletes

Free yourself from the limits imposed by your brain

How can you memorize a new movement better? How can I get back to enjoying myself? Why do I only perform well when I start last? How can I sleep before big competitions? How can I make clearer decisions? How can I increase the precision of my field of vision? How can I avoid being polluted by other people’s judgments?

So many questions an athlete might ask themselves and so many limits they might experience when they reach a certain level in their sport. The answers all lie in the way you use your brain!

It is precisely to answer these questions and provide solutions that Aurélie has created a unique brain optimization method.

A precise approach recognized in demanding environments.

Every sportsperson has a natural brain function, which gives him or her both strengths and limitations.

To perform at the highest level, sportspeople need to learn how to unlock their potential (their cerebral capacities) to the maximum, in the shortest possible time, to avoid missing out on decisive career crossroads.

It is precisely on this aspect that Aurélie Lamy has based her method, which consists of determining which are your naturally strong cerebral aptitudes and which are the weaker parts.

The objective is then simple. She creates a personalized program that enables sportspeople to build up their weak brain skills throughout the season so that they can express their full potential with complete autonomy. Our brain is a treasure trove of performance potential as long as we know how it works and master it. With this mastery, Aurélie will help you acquire lasting and effective results through an original and unique approach.

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 Aurélie is much more than a cognitive trainer; she has become an invaluable guide on my journey towards mental well-being and achieving my goals. 

Edoardo Mortara
Formula-e 2022 World Vice-Champion

 Thanks to our work, I've been able to decipher how my brain works, aiming to understand better and use my emotions with concrete exercises to help me progress. 

Laura Tarantola
Olympic Medallist and World Rowing Champion

 Before I achieved my two Dakar victories and my world championship title, I went through some difficult times in my life. Thanks to Aurélie, I managed my emotions, feelings and mind at the right moment to be ready for the competitions and manage them during the competitions! 

Alexandre Giroud
World Quad Champion 2022 and twice Dakar winner (2022 and 2023)