Aurélie Lamy - Préparatrice Cérébrale

Cerebral Trainer &
Cerebral Strategist :

Aurélie LAMY has created a unique method of deciphering and developing cerebral skills for an elite group of people.

Recognized for her original approach and the results she achieves, she works with some of the biggest names in sport, working with both individual athletes (Cerebral Trainer) and teams (Cerebral Strategist).

Over the past two years, I've been able to apply Aurélie's method

Over the past two years, I’ve been able to apply Aurélie’s method, based on decoding the three brains, and I’ve seen the positive impact this approach has had on the French team’s performance.

His insights enabled me to incorporate emotional management into Les Bleus’ training program, as well as brain regulation tools during matches.

These are important levers that have contributed to our victories.

Fabien Galthié, Coach of the French national rugby team

Our brain:
key to all

Cerebral preparation works in the same way as physical preparation for an athlete. It involves identifying the strengths and natural weaknesses between our 3 brains in relation to the objective set. All we then need to do is set up a coherent training program to build up our weak brains and unleash their full potential.

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your full potential

The aim of brain training is clear: by learning to decipher, regulate, optimize, and develop your brain, you can unleash your full potential. A personalized training program and regular follow-up in competition enable athletes to free themselves and live their sporting adventures to the fullest.

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For athletes,
but also
sports teams

A team functions like an individual. The sum of a team’s cerebral predominance indicates the collective’s typical profile and thus makes it possible to anticipate game situations and contexts that could prove problematic. Intelligent use of time-outs, as well as upstream preparation and debriefing at the end of a match, can help rebalance the team and optimize its performance.

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and pragmatism

Passionate about neuroscience and trained in sophrology, Aurélie has developed her own approach over the years, in close contact with the top-level athletes she has coached. Combining her knowledge of how the brain works, she has defined an effective decoding method that has been tried and tested.

Today, Aurélie helps professional teams and top-level athletes meet the challenges they set themselves and improve their performance.

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A universal method

A method that’s not just for the elite but shared by as many people as possible.

Aurélie constantly strives to share her learning and knowledge with as many people as possible through her productions, media, and corporate presentations.

She aims to give everyone access to their own potential: to learn better at school, to be more efficient in their daily professional and personal lives, and to experience true love… In short, to give ourselves the means to live what we want to live!

"Muscling your brainpower means giving yourself the means to experience what you want to experience and how and when you want to experience it." Aurélie LAMY"

Aurélie LAMY

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